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YOMSONG Leggings Co., Ltd is a professional factory doing leggings,Website:http://www.ysleggings.com, four years old history. Our Factories get Development Department, Market Research Department, Sales Department, Stock Warehouse Department, Production Department, QC, Packaging Department, the Finance Department. Factory located in Dongyang, Zhejiang, five kilometers away from the International Trade City, at a warehouse and between samples, all sales and logistics are in this occurrence. In the main staff of the Office of the sales, delivery and development. YOMSONG LEGGINGS After four years of development, the main products are good to sell to European and American markets, the main product is sporty leggings, we use high-quality elastic fabric, combined with the large body of Americans have made for Westerners size of stylish and sports type leggings. FANNY who work
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Leggings, sport leggings, yoga pants